Perpetual Trophies

The Lyle Davis shield is awarded annually at the AGM.

It is to any person for services to skindiving and the AUFQ on a national (not necessary), state and club level giving particular consideration to the previous year’s activities, but it does take into consideration all previous service.

The shield was remade in 2008. This is the one perpetual award which may be awarded to a non AUFQ person.

Formerly U.S.F.A.Q. Sportsman of the Year. This shield is awarded annually to an AUFQ member nominated to the state annual general meeting.

Criteria includes sporting achievement in the previous year in areas at national(not necessary), state, and club level. There is no limit on the number of times it may be awarded to any one person.

Awarded first in 2003, this shield is presented annually to an AUFQ member nominated at the AGM. Criteria includes, sporting achievement in previous year in areas at national (not necessary), state, and club level.

The age of the competitor when the achievements took place must be less than 18 years of age. There is no limit on the number of times it may be awarded to any one person.

The Cloughy Shield, is in memory of Andrew Clough, who died in a bush walking accident at Roaring Meg Falls on 31/1202.

Andrew was a very active member of the AUFQ, always encouraging other spearos, and was Separfishing Commissioner at the time of his death.

LYLE DAVIS – Skindiver of the Year

Skindiver Champions

2008    Sue Dockar (NSW)

2007    Dave Welch (TSC)

2006    Craig Barnett (MDUSC)

2005    Roger West

2004    Bill Fowles (MBBC)

2003    Steve Dunne (MBBC)

2002    Greg Barton (BF)

2001    Andrew Clough (MDUSC)

2000    Jason Blackwell (MBBC& UAC)

1999    John Robinson (TSC)

1998    Tania Romanowski (BF)

1997    Mick McDade (UAC)

1996    Paul Crocombe ( Sun City)

1995    Kerrie Licastro (UAC)

1994    Barbara Barnes (assoc.)

1993    Marc Richards (CUA)

1992    Ross Barnes (MDUSC)

1991    Barry Haywood (CUA)

1990    Arthur Treweek (CUA)

1989    Marc Rishards (CUA)

1988    Marc Richards (CUA)

1987    Mick McDade (UAC)

1986    Frank Grant (MS)

1985    Steve Doherty (MBBC)

1984    Ruth Johnston (associate)

1983    Leigh Oakey (associate)

1982    Alan Hunt (SCS)



Sports Person Champions of the Year


2008    Adam Smith

2007    Zoe Canavan (MBBC)

2006    Adam Smith (TSC)

2005    James Rossiter (TGCFD)

2004    James Rossiter (TGCFD)

2003    Carl Paton (TGCFD) & Tony Heigh (MBBC)

2002    Den Picard (TSC)

2001    Adam Smith (TSC)

2000    Andrew Clough (MDUSC)

1999    Jase Swain (TGCFD)

1998    Tim Neilsen (UAC)

1997    Tony Heigh (CSC)

1996    Tania Romanowski (BF)

1995    Mick McDade (UAC)

1994    Kerrie Licastro (UAC)

1993    Kevin Cracknell (MBBC)

1992    Ross Barnes (MDUSC)

1991    Paul Crocombe (Sun City)

1990    Bruce Waldron (CUA)

1989    Lyle Squire Jr (CUA)

1988    Les Proud (MDUSC)

1987    Les Proud (MDUSC)

1986    Bob Mackay (CUA)

1985    Andre Buck (CUA)

1984    Daryl Funch (MS)

1983    Paul Crocombe (Sun City)

1982    Ralph Whalley (BSC)

1981    John Powell (MDUSC)

1980    Mick McDade (UAC)

1979    Jeff Jewell (MBBC)

1978    Don NOrman (UAC)

1977    Ethel Everett (MDUSC)

1976    Sue Hunt (SCS)

1975    Pam Prescott (THUC)

1974    Ralph Whalley (BSC)

1973    Peter Bethune (UQ)

1972    Richard Weir (SCS)

1971    Bob Hart (CUA)

1970    Ethel Everett (MDUSC)


Junior Sports Person Champions


2008   Todd Canavan (MBBC)

2007    Scott Evans (TSC)

2006    Zoe Canavan (MBBC)

2005    Emily Shaw (T/GCFD)

2004    Rory Van Weerdenberg (Brisbnae Mantas)

2003    Mike N. Saudners (BSC)