Spearfishing Events

Upcoming events listed below:

30 July 2022 – The 68th National Spearfishing Championships & 2022 Queensland Titles 

After almost 75 years of organised Spearfishing in Australia the AUF is pleased to announce the holding of the first National Spearfishing Championships as a TRUE PAIRS (1-up-1-down) event.

The Event is scheduled to be held in Queensland from 30th July 2022 to 4th August 2022.

The venue is the town of 1770, 120klms north of Bundaberg.

Please see the preliminary information pack below and watch for updates as we move forward.

Aus/Qld titles – preliminary info pack

2-4 September 2022 – The Cloughy Challenge – Mackay 

Details to follow in due course

November/December 2022 – The North Queensland Bluewater Invitational – Townsville

Details to follow in due course

Recent past events included:

23-25 August 2019 – The Cloughy Challenge (Mackay)

Cloughy info pack 2019

30 November – 1 December 2019 – The North Queensland Bluewater Invitational (Townsville)

2019 NQBI Nomination Form – Fillable

7-8 December 2019 – The Queensland Titles (Cooktown)

Information pack – click here

2019 QLD titles scoresheet.

Click here for an overview of the event – Qld titles – an overview

Click here for the QLD State Titles Report 2018