Information and History

Spearfishing Trophy Eligibility

While Queensland spearfishing records are available to all AUF members for fish speared in our designated spearfishing area, our perpetual awards and trophies, however, are set to recognize the best performances and feats during the year by AUFQ members (with one exception for a service award.)

This has clearly been up held over the years and means that only AUFQ members can win, or be awarded, them.  It was also clarified at the 2006 AGM that for spearfishing awards it is necessary to be a member of an affiliated club.  By this we seek to encourage the efforts of our members working through our clubs.

The usually accepted format for our AUFQ State Titles competition is that non-AUFQ competitors (members of AUF in other states or members of the recognized underwater federation in other countries) are welcomed, but it should be made clear to them at the start that in the event they gain the highest score they will be given recognition for this, take the top prize should there be a prize, but not win the title and award of Queensland Champiion Spearfisher or Queensland Champion Underwater Hockey Club.

The intent of this must not be circumvented by joining an AUFQ club unless the person will normally be a member.

Duel Club Membership

An AUFQ diver may be a member of more than one AUFQ club. (This may happen when a diver moves to a different area to live, but wants to maintain social or historical links with the diver’s old club.) However when nominating for a competition (other than Skindiver or Sportsperson of the Year) they must nominate only one club for that competition or event.

It does not matter which of their clubs they paid their AUFQ membership fees through.

Teams Comprising More than one Club

All team members must be financial members of the one club and must compete at the competition as a member of that club.  Composite teams from more than one club are not eligible to win these AUFQ awards.  However, there was a brief period in our history when composite teams were permitted.


A brief history of each award is provided. Most state level trophies had their beginning in the days when the organization was called The Underwater Skindivers and Fishermen’s Association of Queensland. This became the Queensland Underwater Federation, the Australian Underwater Federation Queensland Branch, and now Australian Underwater Federaion Queensland.

With the large distances in our state, the actual physical trophies and shields are sometimes damaged or lost.  Some competitions are contested, but no trophy has yet been donated, or a lost trophy has yet to be replaced.  If you are donating a shield or trophy please consult the relevant sporting comission, and also have in mind the design of the trophy or shield that it should be, robust enough and compact enough to survive being carted about all over the state.

Since the AUFQ divided into a Commission structure, the state titles have seldom had all events contested or held at the one time and location.  For this and other reasons Champion Club Trophy is no longer contested, and the SCUBA events have not been held as there were not enough contestants or organizers.  In some years an award was not made as the event was not held due to bad weather, or because there were no competitors in tha category.

Code for Club Abbreviations

Many clubs have come and gone, or changed their names.  Here is a list of club names and abbreviations.

AUFQ        Australian Underwater Federation Queensland

AEF           Aqua Extreme Freedivers

BF              Flue Fins (Also as Brisbane Mantas)

BSC         Bundaberg Skindivers Club

BUHC       Brisbane Underwater Hockey Club

CSC        Capricorn Skindivers

CUA         Cairns Underwater Associaton

CDC          Cooktown Diving Club

CSC           Cooktown Spearfishing Club

FCUHC      Fraser Coast Underwater Hockey Club

HBBC        Harvey Bay Boat Club -Dive Club

IUC            Innisfail Underwater Club

MBBC        Moreton Bay Boat Club (Redcliffe)

MDUSC      Mackay Down Under Skindivers Club

MSDC        Maryborough Skindivers

MTA            Marine Teachers Association

QAC           QAC Underwater Club (Gatton)

QWAC        Queensland Wilderness Adventure Club (Brisbane)

RAAF         RAAF Amberley Scuba Club

Sub.          Submariners (Biloela)

SCS           Sunshine Coast Skindivers

SunC         SunCity (Townsville)

THUC        Tweed Heads Underwater Club

THRAC      Tweed Heads Rowing & Aquatic Club

T/GCFD     Tweed/Gold Coast Free Divers (Also as Bullrouts)

TSC          Townsville Skindivers Club

TUSA         Toowoomba Underwater Sports Association

UAC           Underwater Adventurers’ Club (Brisbane)

UQ             University of Qld Underwater Club (Brisbane)

USFAQ    Underwater Skindivers and Fishemens Assoc. of Qld.

State Titles Locations

1955  Keppels 1981  Cairns 2007  Cairns (u.w.h not held)
1956  Maryborough 1982  Townsville
1957  Bundaberg 1983  Sunshine Coast
1958  Keppels 1984  Mackay
1959  Gladstone 1985  Keppels
1960  Heron Island 1986  Cairns
1961  Mackay 1987  Kingscliff & Redcliffe
1962  Polymaise Reef 1988  Keppels
1963  Rockhampton 1989  Kingscliff
1964  Mackay 1990  not held
1965  Bundaberg 1991  Mackay
1966  Hervey Bay 1992  Broardhurst Rfs, Townsville
1967  Mackay 1993  Flinders Rf, Brisbane
1968  Bundaberg-4 Mile 1994  Biloela/Barren I., Yeppoon
1969  Townsville 1995  Mackay/Airlie Beach
1970  Sunshine Coast 1996  Southport/Airlie Beach
1971  Sarina 1997  Hervey Bay/Capricorns
1972  Bundaberg-4 Mile 1998  Townsville
1973  Cairns 1999  Mackay(u.w.h.Brisbane)
1974  Sunshine Coast 2000  Cairns (u.w.h. Brisbane
1975  Schute Harbour 2001  Mackay (u.w.h. Brisanbe)
1976  Capricornia 2002  Cairns (u.w.h Gold Coast)
1977  Palm Island 2003  not held (u.w.h. Cairns)
1978  Moreton Island 2004  Townsville (u.w.h. Cairns)
1979  Keppels 2005  not held (u.w.h. Morayfield, Bris)
1980  Gladstone 2006  Makcay (u.w.h. Gold Coast)